Rainfine Irrigation solution for Egypt

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Rainfine Irrigation solution for Egypt


On January 20th, 2016, Dr. Hosan Mughazy, the Minister of Egypt Water Resources and Irrigation, invited Mr. Wang Zhi, the president of Rainfine Irrigation Company to have a meeting in Cairo.  Dr. Mohammed Elfetyany and Ministry’s consultants, Rainfine Egypt representative Mr. Mostafa Elshehaly attend the meeting.


During the meeting , Mr. Wang Zhi gave a presentation for how to efficiently use Nile river water by floating pumps station and how to use satellite image to design large irrigation farm in Egypt.


Rainfine is an irrigation company for the manufacturing of center pivot irrigation system and committed to irrigation engineering design solution. The business goal of this company is to help people efficiently use Nile river water for agriculture development in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.



Egypt is a traditional agriculture country and need advanced technology to develop more irrigation area.  Dr. Hosan Mughazy is willing to use all the new technologies to help Egypt.


After the meeting, Dr. Hosan Mughazy and Dr. Mohammed Elfetyany asked Mr. Wang Zhi to give the proposal for:

  1. Floating pump station for 5000 Fendan drip irrigation system
  2. One unit of 120 fendan polylined pivot with water supply from bore hole.
  3. EPC+Finance project for 10 pivot irrigation system.